Corporate Events

More Information About Our Memphis Event Venue

We Go Above & Beyond to Customize Your Event Space

Our professional staff is experienced in all types of corporate events. From dinners, luncheons and brunches to award ceremonies, seminars, and cocktail parties, we guarantee your guests will be impressed with your event at The Cadre Building.

We specialize in making your event professional, beautiful and effortless.

In addition to the timeless beauty and historic charm of our grand ballroom, our building is equipped to cater to any branding needs. We work with your event coordinator to design the ambiance of your event to display your organization’s colors and logo, and we can assist with AV and technology rentals, as well.

Grand Galas and Award Ceremonies

-Elevate your corporate recognition events with our grand ballroom and exquisite settings.

-Host award ceremonies, galas, and banquets in a venue that exudes timeless elegance.

-Uncover the allure of celebrating success at The Cadre Building.

Product Launches and Exhibitions

-Showcase your latest products in a sophisticated setting that leaves a lasting impression.

-Tailor the space for product exhibitions and launches with ample room for displays.

-See how The Cadre Building transforms events into unforgettable product experiences.

Industry Expos and Trade Shows

-Unveil your industry's innovations and expertise in our expansive venue.

-Customizable setups to accommodate booths, exhibits, and engaging presentations.

-Explore why The Cadre Building is the preferred choice for industry expos.

Corporate Anniversaries and Milestones

-Celebrate your company's milestones in a historic venue that echoes significance.

-Grand ballroom and adaptable spaces for commemorating anniversaries and achievements.

-Discover the charm and prestige of hosting corporate milestones at The Cadre Building.

Exclusive Product Showcases

-Elevate your product showcases with a venue that exudes sophistication.

-Create an exclusive atmosphere for product launches, previews, and demonstrations.

-Learn more about how The Cadre Building can set the stage for your product showcases.

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Large-Scale Conferences and Seminars

-Explore our spacious venue ideal for hosting conferences and seminars with 120+ attendees.

-State-of-the-art facilities and customizable setups to enhance your corporate presentations.

-Discover why The Cadre Building is the perfect choice for impactful business events.

Corporate Retreats and Team Building

-Plan unforgettable corporate retreats that inspire creativity and collaboration.

-Explore our versatile venue for team-building activities and strategic planning.

-Find out why The Cadre Building is the choice for fostering teamwork and innovation.

Networking Extravaganzas

-Foster connections and expand networks in our dynamic event space.

-Ideal for large-scale networking events, product launches, and industry mixers.

-Learn how The Cadre Building can amplify your corporate networking endeavors.