Grand Galas and Award Ceremonies

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Grand Galas and Award Ceremonies at The Cadre Building:

An Unforgettable Celebration of Success

Elevate your corporate recognition events to new heights at The Cadre Building, where grandeur meets sophistication. Our distinguished venue, featuring a grand ballroom and exquisite settings, sets the stage for hosting award ceremonies, galas, and banquets that exude timeless elegance. Discover the allure of celebrating success at The Cadre Building – a venue where every moment becomes a cherished memory.

An Iconic Venue for Unforgettable Moments

Step into a world of timeless beauty and refined grandeur at The Cadre Building. Our historic venue, established in 1928, stands as an iconic representation of Memphis's architectural elegance. The grand ballroom, spacious mezzanine level, and scenic landing collectively offer a captivating backdrop for grand galas and award ceremonies. Immerse your guests in an atmosphere that resonates with prestige and celebration.

Exquisite Settings for Remarkable Occasions

Host your award ceremonies, galas, and banquets in a setting that goes beyond expectations. The Cadre Building offers exquisite settings that seamlessly blend historical charm with modern sophistication. The versatility of our venue allows for customizable arrangements, ensuring that every detail aligns with the grandeur of your celebration. Create an ambiance that reflects the significance of the achievements being honored.

Timeless Elegance, Every Detail Considered

At The Cadre Building, we understand the importance of flawless execution when it comes to your corporate recognition events. Our team of experienced professionals, led by our Director of Sales, Betsy McKay, and Venue & Social Media Manager, Hannah Reasons, is dedicated to ensuring that every detail is considered. From curated decor to state-of-the-art facilities, experience an event that surpasses expectations.

Uncover the Allure of Celebrating Success

What sets The Cadre Building apart is not just its stunning architecture but the experience it provides. Uncover the allure of celebrating success in a venue that understands the importance of these moments. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the physical space; it encompasses the entire journey of planning and executing an event that reflects your vision.

Book Your Grand Gala or Award Ceremony Today

Make your corporate recognition events truly memorable by choosing The Cadre Building as your venue of choice. Whether it's an awards ceremony, gala, or banquet, our grand ballroom and exquisite settings await to host your remarkable occasion. Contact us today to discuss your event requirements, explore our venue, and secure a space that ensures your celebration of success is nothing short of spectacular. The Cadre Building – Where Elegance Meets Achievement.

Here’s what is included:

A premier Historic Venue with over $8k worth of inhouse items provided (Food and beverages are not included)

·       10-hour rental period

·       Tables +chairs + stage

·       Ivory crinkle/ black poly linens

·       Getting ready spaces

·       3 spacious event levels

·       5 bar fronts and stage

·       +Much More!

Additional Offerings:

·       Valet + Parking Services

·       Lounge Furniture

·       Drapery

·       Dance Floor

·       +Much More!

Contact us for our daily rates.  We offer various pricing depending on your event day (Monday-Thursday, Friday and Sunday, and Saturday).

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