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Embrace the Enchantment: 8 Tips for a Magical Winter Wedding at The Cadre Building

December 8, 2023
Embrace these tips to enhance your experience and share the enchantment with your loved ones.
By The Cadre Building


Imagine a winter wonderland, where the historic charm of The Cadre Building serves as the backdrop to your magical wedding day. The white landscapes, evergreen accents, and a stunning dress illuminating your winter glow – a vision that captures the essence of a glorious winter wedding. If you're considering this enchanting option, allow us to guide you with 8 tips to ensure your winter celebration at The Cadre Building is nothing short of extraordinary.

Tip #1

Nourish Your Winter Glow:

  • Cadre Building Tip: Prep your skin for the winter weather by enhancing your skincare routine months before the big day. Stay hydrated to combat dryness, ensuring your makeup glides on seamlessly for a radiant winter bridal look.

Tip #2

Curate a Cozy Color Palette:

  • Cadre Building Tip: Share your winter color palette ahead of time with insert cards in your invitations. Opt for bold and intense colors like fuchsia, bottle green, ice blue, or cherry to complement the season's icy charm and create stunning wedding pictures against The Cadre Building's timeless backdrop.

Tip #3

Winter Wedding Etiquette:

  • Cadre Building Tip: Show thoughtfulness for your guests' comfort. For outdoor ceremonies, provide hand warmers and blankets on chairs. Move the warmth indoors with fuzzy socks and hot chocolate packets at reception tables. Consider a fire feature for a cozy gathering spot.

Tip #4

Strategize Winter Wedding Timing:

  • Cadre Building Tip: Acknowledge the swifter pace of winter days and plan your event agenda accordingly. Work closely with your event planner and photographer to make the most of available lighting for both indoor and outdoor moments at The Cadre Building.

Tip #5

Elevate Arrangements with Non-Floral Elements:

  • Cadre Building Tip: Embrace non-floral elements like layers of greenery, potted evergreens, birch branches, and berries to add variety to your wedding decor. Enhance the timeless elegance of The Cadre Building with unique, nature-inspired arrangements.

Tip #6

Chic Long Sleeve Dresses:

  • Cadre Building Tip: Opt for a long sleeve dress to add a touch of luxurious lace and keep warm during the ceremony, especially for outdoor events. Consider elegant sleeves or a shawl to infuse comfort and style into your winter bridal look.

Tip #7

Winter-Ready Wedding Footwear:

  • Cadre Building Tip: Choose winter-ready footwear to navigate potential snow and ice. Consider stylish alternatives like plain white or fur-lined booties to complement your wedding attire while ensuring safety on The Cadre Building's charming grounds.

Tip #8

Warm the Hearts with Hot Drinks:

  • Cadre Building Tip: Treat your guests to hot (alcoholic or non) drinks at The Cadre Building's winter wedding. Create a memorable atmosphere with steaming copper mugs, serving as both a heartwarming gesture and a delightful photo opportunity. Check out some delicious hot beverage ideas here.


At The Cadre Building, we invite you to embark on a wondrous winter wedding journey. Embrace these tips to enhance your experience and share the enchantment with your loved ones. If you've incorporated any of these suggestions into your winter wedding at The Cadre Building, share your magical moments with us in the comments below!


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