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Celebrate the Magic of Winter in Memphis: Unforgettable Events at The Cadre Building

December 8, 2023
As the winter season blankets Memphis in its serene charm, The Cadre Building stands ready to transform your events into magical winter wonders. Whether you're planning a festive holiday gathering, a winter wedding, or a corporate celebration, our historic venue offers a timeless backdrop for unforgettable moments.
By The Cadre Building

Celebrate the Magic of Winter in Memphis: Unforgettable Events at The Cadre Building


As winter weaves its enchanting spell over Memphis, there's no better place to celebrate the season's magic than at The Cadre Building. Nestled in the heart of downtown since 1928, our historic venue beckons you to create unforgettable moments against the backdrop of Memphis's unique charm. Whether you're planning a winter wedding, a festive holiday gathering, or a corporate celebration, let's explore the enchanting reasons to choose The Cadre Building for your special occasions. Let's explore the enchanting possibilities of hosting your winter events at The Cadre Building.

Timeless Elegance in a Winter Wonderland:

  • Memphis's historical architecture comes alive against the winter landscape, and The Cadre Building stands as a testament to this timeless elegance. Nestled in the heart of downtown Memphis since 1928, The Cadre Building exudes historical elegance that becomes even more captivating against the winter backdrop. Imagine saying "I do" in the heart of the city, surrounded by the grandeur of our building, creating a winter wedding wonderland that reflects the unique spirit of Memphis.

Winter Weddings with a Southern Touch:

  • Celebrate your love story with a touch of Southern charm in Memphis. The Cadre Building provides a stunning venue for winter weddings, where the city's hospitality blends seamlessly with the season's romance. Your winter wedding here will be a celebration steeped in history and warmth.

Festive Soirées in the Birthplace of Blues:

  • Memphis, the birthplace of blues, invites you to infuse your holiday gatherings with musical vibes and festive cheer. The Cadre Building's three levels of exquisite space become the stage for your winter soirées, where the rhythm of Memphis adds an extra layer of joy to your celebrations.

Corporate Events with a Memphis Twist:

  • Elevate your corporate events against the backdrop of Memphis's vibrant culture. The Cadre Building's experienced event professionals will curate an experience that combines winter-themed decor with the city's lively spirit, creating a corporate celebration your team will remember.

Warm Welcomes, Memphis Style:

  • Memphis hospitality is legendary, and at The Cadre Building, we ensure your guests feel the warmth of Southern welcome. From cozy outdoor ceremonies with hand warmers to indoor receptions adorned with fuzzy socks and hot chocolate, we add thoughtful touches to make your event truly special.

Winter Timing with a Memphis Beat:

  • Memphis knows how to keep the beat, and our team at The Cadre Building helps you synchronize your event timing with the unique rhythm of winter days. Capture the best moments, whether indoors or outdoors, against the beautiful canvas of Memphis in winter.

Distinctive Decor Inspired by the River City:

  • Memphis's identity is shaped by the mighty Mississippi River, and your event at The Cadre Building can reflect this distinctive character. Infuse decor elements inspired by the river, such as layers of greenery, birch branches, and subtle nods to the city's iconic landmarks.


In Memphis, where every note carries a story and every street has a rhythm, The Cadre Building invites you to celebrate the magic of winter. Whether it's a winter wedding, a festive holiday gathering, or a corporate celebration, our venue combines historic elegance with Memphis's soulful charm. Let The Cadre Building be the stage for your winter events, where each celebration becomes a unique part of the city's rich tapestry. Contact us to bring the warmth and joy of Memphis to your winter celebrations.


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